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When PALS rule the world

Despite huge resources in the scientific research world being pumped into finding a ‘cause’ and 'cure' for Autism, they are no closer to their goal.

Which makes me wonder whether they are asking the right question.

Tony Attwood, a leading voice in the world of autism, has posited the notion that perhaps autism isn’t an illness at all, but is the next genetic development of the human species. In which case the correct question that the researchers should be asking is “what is the purpose of autism?” and other neurological conditions that equally have no cause. Tony is not the only person with this view:


“My son has never heard of Tony Attwood but has often told me that people who are autistic are the next evolution in humans”

or as another young PALS commented:

“The geek shall inherit the world”


It’s not my position (nor expertise) to attempt to answer the question of purpose, but I thought it would be interesting to ask the younger generation of PALS to consider what the world would be like if this genetic development continues and PALS, indeed, do rule the world.

Their responses are thoughtful and, in many cases, the young person ensured that their comment was written down verbatim as this was considered really important. So, respecting that view I have not edited, but have grouped them together.


Our first grouping is summarised in the one word answer from this young person:


This is perhaps not a surprising change that they are suggesting given that many young PALS suffer badly in school as I have blogged before.

“Accepting and embracing every person as they are, instead of as we want them to be would bring about overnight compassion, peace and love”

“Stop discrimination"

“No one to be bullied for being different"


The second category follows on from removing prejudice and, again, reflects the lives that these PALS have lived to date. But what a beautiful world it would be …

"I don't want there to be any more fighting in the world and everyone has to be nice to each other"

"No more arguing and fighting and everyone must be friends"

"To make it so we could do anything we imagine, except for killing and hurting"

"Make all the nasty people good"

"Get rid of dangerous things"


School is, for many reasons, big in the lives of these young people.

"Change school system to make it fair"

"No homework"

"Hot snacks for children a break time, chips and sausages"


Money was a common thread with PALS. Interestingly it wasn’t about winning the lottery, but more about the problems that are caused by money.

"I would get rid of money. People would work for free and everything would be free"

"I would make everything free but only when I am in a shop"

"I would make everything cheaper but maybe make the rich poor and poor rich so they can see what its like"

"I would make technology such as computers, i-pads and games consoles free for everybody"

"Make sure there were no more homeless people"


Government got a mention too …

"I wouldn't like to rule the world, I don't want to ever be a bad guy!"

"Put autistic people in government to make changes needed to provide us more help and give us a voice"


And who said that PALS don’t have a sense of humour …

"I'd make all the police officers dress up as rabbits so they could be hoppers instead of coppers!"

"Create a law to make everyone play fifa computer game every day"

"Make the cats be able to talk"


I will leave the last word to this young deep thinker - anyone still think that this is a disorder that needs to be cured?

"To put a hold on the negatives and unfold the positives"

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