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Want to help us do something amazing?
PALS Society are setting up a steering group

PALS Society want all of our activities to be relevant and appropriate for the young people that we aim to help.

To help us ensure this we are looking to build a steering group of around ten people who are either part of our target group, or who are closely involved with them.  As our current focus is on employment in the IT sector, we particularly want people who have an active interest in technology.

Our target group includes people with:

  • Autistic Spectrum Condition (includes Autism, Aspergers, PDA etc)

  • Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalcula

  • ADD and ADHD

  • Undiagnosed learning difficulties

We are also interested in involving views and perspectives from:

  • Parents or family members

  • Teachers / Leaning Support Assistants

  • Educational Psychologists

  • Social workers

Depending on the response that we get, this may become two different steering groups, the first with a focus on IT and computers, the second on developing training and work placements.

Our Steering Group will focus on the following topics:

  1. Learning curriculum. Defining what skills our young people need to learn in order to become 'work-ready'.  These will include technical skills, organisational skills, a delivery focus, and working with others including customers.

  2. Project topics. What areas of IT would it be useful to develop a more in depth knowledge through a major work placement project.  We can then marry this up with products and services that customers want us to develop.

  3. Working arrangements. Our main focus is on learning and delivery.  We can be very flexible on how this is achieved, but need some steer as to different approaches that we can design and offer.  It can include distance working through our remote server, quiet space offices, calm environments, co-located with a familiar school or college.

Our steering group will meet either in our offices or in a community space in the Solent Area.  We will arrange times to suit all participants, but expect that it will be two hour sessions between 6 and 8pm one day every two months.  We will review after 6 months to see if the duration and frequency are still needed.

Reasonable travel costs will be met and refreshments will be available which will meet any dietary requirements.

If you are interested in helping steer us to an amazing future where people with alternative learning styles can access interesting and relevant employment ...

... please get in contact

telephone 07549 535159


Many thanks,

PALS Society

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