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What's It Like ? 360 video

This immersive video can be viewed on a PC or tablet and you can use mouse or finger swipes to see the full panorama as the video progresses. It shows the outside of Fratton Park two hours before kick off and demonstrates the sights and sounds.  Through a series of such videos, a fan can work out the best time to arrive to minimise anxiety or sensitivity to crowds.

Alternatively, if your tablet or phone has the You Tube app installed you can see the video in an augmented sense where when you move the device the image follows the movement of the device.  This is both fun, and really useful if you want to go to the location on a non-match day and get a sense of the crowds.

Finally the video can be viewed through a Virtual Reality headset for the full immersive experience.  Please only do this if you are experienced with VR.

360 01 Thumbnail.jpg
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